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Animal Rescue Fund of MS

Jackson, MS

Our Mission


It is the Mission of ARF to provide shelter and sanctuary to abandoned, abused and neglected companion animals awaiting adoption in Mississippi, focusing on the metropolitan tri-county area.   

We rescue, rehabilitate and socialize our rescues, instill the animals ability to trust, love and be loved either again or for the first time.  

Hinds County, where ARF is located, has one of the highest number of animal control pick ups in the State, and within 5 days, a very high number of these animals are euthanized.  The organization wishes to make a change in the reality of this as well as in the mindset of a community who accepts this as a norm.  We wish to effect change through education and activism, as well as to provide an alternative to the only animal control option the community has had:  euthanization of stray and unwanted companion animals.  ARF strongly supports spay/neuter p

Adoption Policy

Why should you consider adopting an animal?

Easy - there is a severe overpopulation problem of cats and dogs in our country. According to the Human Society of the United States, six to eight million dogs and cats enter shelters each year, and out of those, three to four million are euthanised. View source

There are simply too many animals. Why? Unwanted litters due to a failure to spay or neuter, backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

Why are so many of these animals unwanted? People get old or ill, face financial difficulties, or simply wind up with an animal they were not prepared for. These animals are abandoned or surrendered to shelters in the millions. Quite simply, if people had to get a license to avoid spay / neuter in order to properly breed dogs, and if people needed a license proving th

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