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Grace Rescue for Southern Paws, Inc.

Holly Springs, MS

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Petfinder frequently has technical difficulties, so if you are unable to see our Adoptable Animals and/or Happy Tails through Petfinder, please go to our website where you WILL be able to see all.



We are heartbroken to report that our Molly, icon of this rescue, is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, having passed away in the loving arms of this rescuer at 5:50 Thursday morning, May 30, 2013.  Molly was also one of our rescues, found hungry, emaciated, and begging for help in August, 2009, with incisors ground to the gum line where she had tried so hard to gnaw her way out of chains, teeth in such terrible shape they threatened internal organ health, bearing the scars of a once embedded collar, and hairless and callus ridden elbows whe

Adoption Policy

Many of our dogs have not had the best start in life.  Some have been abandoned by their owners who are no longer in a position to care for their pets (job loss, loss of home, divorce, owner passing away or moving to nursing home, etc.) or who no longer want the responsibility of caring for their pets.  Our first obligation is, understandably, to our companion animals, and our adoption application, as well as adoption contract, are for the protection of our adoptive animals.  We appreciate your understanding as you make your way through the adoption application and process.

We, also, believe that education is a vehicle to promote better understanding of the responsibilities involved with adopting a family pet.  Serious consideration should be given to financial posturing and the time your companion animal will be left home alone while you are away at work, as well as what you will do with your pet during times of vacation or family emergencies.  &nbs

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets