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Steph K Equestrian

Willard, MO

Our Mission

1. Help equines in need

Take in equines who have no other viable options (are in immediate danger of slaughter, abuse, neglect, etc.), and provide them with the specialized care, rehabilitation, and retraining that they need to get a second chance at life.

2. Reduce the number of equines in need

Provide education, resources, and assistance to equine owers, to help them improve their practices and/or find new homes for their equines.

3. Cultivate sustainable equestrianism

Provide education that improves equine care & training practices to equine enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

4. Improve community health

Set a positive example to those around us while providing a safe, inclusive space to foster growth and healing.

Note - Though we are an equine rescue, we also occasionally accept other animals into our care for rehabilitation & rehoming. All animals are given the same level of care & intention as our equines, adjusted to meet their species-specific needs!

Adoption Policy


The following is a general overview of adoption requirements. Please note that these apply to all animals, not just horses, and are adjusted to the species & individual animal's needs.

1. Forever Homes - Horses adopted from SKE must be adopted into a forever home. This means the horse can not be resold or rehomed. If the adopter can no longer keep the horse, the horse must be returned to SKE.

2. Care Standards - Horses are expected to get quality care once adopted. Care standards are outlined in the adoption contract, including providing quality nutrition, maintaining a safe & clean enclosure, giving adequate space & companionship, and providing routine vet & farrier care. SKE may request proof that care standards are being met after an adoption is complete.

3. Ethical Handling - Horses come to SKE and receive training using ethical, positive reinforcement, and force-free methods. Horses do not need to be trained with SKE's exact methods after their adoption, however, they do need to be handled ethically & with respect. The adoption contract states that horses cannot be subjected to harsh methods after adoption.

4. No Breeding - Horses adopted from SKE cannot be used for any breeding activities.


SKE aims to make adoption easy. We strive to make adoption straightforward for the adopter, while still being thorough enough to ensure our equines go to quality homes.

The following items need to be completed before an adoption is approved, and can be done in any order:

1. Completed adoption application
2. Completed adoption interview (in person or via phone)
3. Meet the adoptable equines & discuss suitabile matches

Once those items are complete, SKE will check references, perform a home check (either in person or virtually, via video/photos), and then make a decision regarding approving the application.

Assuming all goes well, approved adopters can then complete the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and arrange to bring their new family member home!

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