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Dogwood Farm Sanctuary

Troy, MO

Our Mission

Dogwood Farm Sanctuary provides medical care, food, shelter and companionship to orphaned, abandoned or relinquished animals, including horses, dogs and cats, regardless of age, breed or appearance. We are a no-kill shelter and are limited by space.

DO NOT CALL US - EMAIL ONLY. We do not have volunteers to handle phone calls.  While we realize that circumstances are often beyond your control, please try to continue to care for your animals as you seek another home for them. There are very few alternatives for unwanted pets in Lincoln County. Please try shelters in other areas (including Five Acres, St. Charles Humane Services, Animal Protective Association or Humane Society of Missouri)  if you do NOT have success in this county.

DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PETS ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Most "side of the road" animals are hit by cars and/or suffer horrific deaths. Please be kind.

Adoption Policy

Please go to our website if you are interested in adopting. We have an application on our site and anyone interested in a pet needs to fill out this quick preliminary application. Answering the petfinder form is not a substitute for our adoption application.

The petfinder website has our CURRENT adoptable dogs and cats. If a dog or cat is listed on, they are available for adoption and we are taking applications. Our website listings are not current. Sorry if there is confusion. We are working on our website.

Part of the adoption protocol will entail a home visit (no exceptions) and we do not adopt outside of a three-hour radius of our facility, which is located near Troy, Missouri.

We follow an adoption protocol to insure a good match for owner and pet alike. Have questions? You may email us. eaeniven @ (no spaces) Do not call us.

All dogs and cats are spay/neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on all shots. All medical issues are addressed, including dentals. Dogs are heartworm tested and cats are feluk/FIV tested. The adoption fee for dogs is $250. The adoption fee for cats is $175. If an adoption doesn't work out, we require that the dog or cat be returned to us. We accept returned animals for the lifetime of that pet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets