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What are the fees?   Dogs and puppies begin at $95 – this includes neuter/spay (which is required by law) and being up-to-date on vaccinations.  Cats and kittens begin at $45 – which also includes neuter/spay and being up-to-date on vaccinations.  In some instances, there are additional fees for special circumstances, usually medical expenses; and sometimes we have “special deals” at lower costs.  If a puppy or kitten is too young to be spay/neutered before adoption, you will receive a voucher for $25 to be used at the licensed vet of your choice, and which must be completed at the appropriate time.

What do we need to do?  

1)  Request and complete an adoption application form for either a dog or a cat (we need at least 48 hours to check with your vet and references).  It doesn’t take very long to complete, is not shared wit

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