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Pets4Vets of the Ozarks

Springfield, MO

Our Mission

The mission of Pets4Vets of the Ozarks is to improve the lives of veterans suffering from PTSD by pairing them with stray and unwanted pets in need. We aim to provide companionship, support, and healing through the power of the human-animal bond, while also finding loving homes for these furry friends. Our animals are available for adoption to the public, with veterans receiving priority and reduced adoption fees.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Process:

1. Application Submission:
• Potential adopters submit an adoption application.
2. Application Review:
• References and landlords (if applicable) are contacted.
• The application is either approved or denied based on the information gathered.
3. Meet and Greet:
• If approved, the adopter is contacted to schedule a meet and greet with the pet.
4. Home Inspection (for dogs):
• A home inspection is conducted to ensure a safe and suitable environment for the dog.
5. Finalization:
• If the home inspection is satisfactory, the adopter pays the adoption fees and signs the e-contract.
• The adopter takes home their new family member.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets