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Our Mission

To adopt a cat from Frisky Whiskers, or to find out more information on one of our cats, visit us at any adoption event, email us at or call us and leave a message at 636-343-7106. Because our cats are all in foster homes, we make every effort to meet adopters at times and places convenient to all. We ask potential adopters to first complete an application for adoption for the purpose of ensuring your compatibility with the cat. After the application is reviewed and OK'd, we require adopters to have a home visit with the pet before completing an adoption contract. We do not discriminate against anyone for reasons of race, religion, politics, gender or sexual orientation; but we reserve the right to refuse an adoption based on the information we interpret from these forms regarding the cat's needs or requirements. Our goal is to make every adoption a happy and lasting one!

Adoption Policy

Our Policy is to adopt each pet to a forever home according to their needs. We are a no kill rescue that depends on donations, and we have limited resources. It is our goal to reach people that will commit to a lifelong agreement when adopting one of our pets. We empathize with unexpected events but believe in creating a life plan for your pet in case you are not able to continue care. We require a home visit before an adoption is finalized and follow-up visits as needed. We will always take our previously adopted pets back into our care as soon as we can, sometimes we need additional time to make the transition as comfortable as possible. We put our pets long term happiness foremost in all decisions.

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    Monday by appointment only
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    Saturday 12:30 to 5 pm
    Sunday 12:30 to 5 pm

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets