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Our Mission

Operating as a no-kill facility since 2004, our mission is to identify, rescue and rehabilitate at-risk animals who live in neglectful or abusive circumstances. The animals we help are confused, bewildered, and – most of all – heartbroken. Their trust in humans has been shattered, and we restore that trust with love, warmth and security until we can find them a caring foster or ‘forever’ home. We have also expanded to rescuing horses from kill lots. These horses were bound for slaughter before we pulled them.
We promote compassionate action to protect the wellbeing of all animals. The strong relationships we have forged with veterinarians and animal control officers give us access to animals that need extra TLC. Our commitment to our mission is both long-term and unshakeable.

Adoption Policy

Each dog is treated individually as far as fence requirements, young kids, etc.

Application process is pretty straight forward. If you don't hear from us please send a follow up email!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets