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Plattsburg Pound Puppies (City of Plattsburg, MO)

Plattsburg, MO

Our Mission

In January 2019 Plattsburg Pound Puppies was created and has served Plattsburg and Clinton County by caring for stray, abandoned, and lost dogs.

Our mission is to prevent the abandonment of dogs in the City of Plattsburg by accepting surrendered dogs from anywhere within Clinton County with the intent of re-homing these dogs at no taxpayer cost through volunteers operating the shelter supported by the City of Plattsburg.

Adoption Policy

Cost: Owner will pay for any remaining veterinary bill and a $50 spay/neuter deposit (if necessary) and dog will be spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption.

1. I will provide humane care, giving the animal proper food, water, shelter and exercise.
2. I agree to supervise the interaction between this canine and any humans.
3. I agree to provide proper veterinary care in case of illness or injury to this animal.
4. I agree to provide rabies immunization and all other necessary vaccinations.
5. I will have the animal spay/neutered as required by this agreement in accordance with state regulations.
6. I will comply with all city and state ordinances regarding animal care, custody and control.
7. I will not allow anyone to use this canine for experimental research of any kind.
8. I will return the animal to the City of Plattsburg Animal Control Shelter if requested to do so because of violations of this agreement.
9. I understand and agree that the City of Plattsburg is not responsible for any sickness the canine may display after taking custody of the animal.
10. I will provide proof of sterilization and licensing to the Plattsburg Police Department pursuant to the revised statutes of the State of Missouri, Sections 7-9 of the Animal Care Facilities Act

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