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Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage

Pacific, MO

Our Mission

Home 2 Home is a non-profit canine orphanage that aims to revolutionize the way dogs go about finding their perfect homes. Using our high standard and premium facility to provide dogs with a safe and loving environment, we allow for dogs to further themselves socially as well as get the exercise and care they need to succeed. The ultimate goal is to offer a natural environment for a better presentation to potential families.

- We are not a traditional shelter. We consider ourselves more of an orphanage because we provide needs-based care.

- We temperament test all dogs to ensure a proper fit for our environment.

- We offer caring owners a worry-free option to re-home their pets when things don’t work out.

- We do not stick dogs in cages with limited exposure to humans or other dogs. Instead, dogs are kept in small packs that are under consistent supervision (24/7) by their human pack leader. This allows for proper daily exercise an

Adoption Policy

You must fill out an application before you can come visit the dogs.
Please check out our facebook page as well to be updated always on our animals :) Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage

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  • day hours
    Monday 6AM-9AM, 3PM - 6PM CLOSED BETWEEN 9AM -3PM
    Tuesday 6AM-9AM, 3PM - 6PM CLOSED BETWEEN 9AM -3PM
    Wednesday 6AM-9AM, 3PM - 6PM CLOSED BETWEEN 9AM -3PM
    Thursday 6AM-9AM, 3PM - 6PM CLOSED BETWEEN 9AM -3PM
    Friday 6AM-9AM, 3PM - 6PM CLOSED BETWEEN 9AM -3PM
    Saturday 2PM-4PM
    Sunday 2PM-4PM
    By appointment only
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