Nevada Animal Shelter

17818 S 1400 Rd
Nevada, MO 64772

Our Mission

All animals are given necessary vaccines such as Parvo/Distemper, Bordetella, Feline Distemper, they will be wormed, and given flea/tick medication. All dogs over the age of 1 year will also be heartworm tested.

All dogs are given periodic run of the north and south side yards that are available not only for exercise, but also to promote socialization with human beings in a playful and safe environment.

Animals are never housed together in kennels (unless related, such as two puppies from the same litter) for quarantine purposes and to prevent the spread of disease.

Remember, please spay and neuter your pets!




The Nevada Animal Shelter is a place for the lost or surrendered pets of The City of Nevada, to find warmth, food, fresh water, love and attention.

Donations List:

Food, blankets, toys, towels,

Adoption Policy


The adoption fees for the shelter are as follows:

Dogs - $10+cost of spay/neuter and rabies vaccine.

Cats - $5+cost of spay/neuter and rabies vaccine. 

(Cost for spay/neuter may vary, depending on which local vet clinic you choose to have the animal spayed/neutered at.)

City Tags costs are as follows:

Spayed/Neutered Dogs: $5.00

Intact Dogs: $10.00

City Tags can be bought here at the shelter, at Nevada Vet Clinic, or 54 Vet Clinic. Proof of current rabies vaccine must be present when buying city tags.

Reclaim Fees:

When an animal is brought into the shelter a reclaim fee is automatically set.

Cats 1st day reclaim: $9

Dogs 1st day reclaim:$14

These fees go up $4 a day until the animal is reclaimed.

Dogs being reclaimed must have proof of a current rabies vaccine, and if the owner resides in the city, the dog must also have current city tags. Fees for both are as follows:

  • day hours
    Monday 10-12 & 1-5
    Tuesday 10-12 & 1-5
    Wednesday 10-12 & 1-5
    Thursday 10-12 & 1-5
    Friday 10-12 & 1-5
    Saturday 10-12 & 1-5
    Sunday 10-12 & 1-5

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