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Smelly Cat Rescue

Lake Saint Louis, MO

Our Mission

Smelly Cat Rescue saves the lives of cats and kittens, especially the outdoor smelly ones, through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter services and community programs.

Adoption Policy

-I am adopting this cat for myself. I will not gift, trade, or sell it in its lifetime. If at any time I can no longer care for this cat I will return it to Smelly Cat Rescue.

-This cat will be treated as a family member. It will be given love, affection, clean living conditions, fresh food and water daily, and yearly veterinary care.

-This cat will live inside my home. The cat will never be outside without a proper leash, harness, carrier or backpack.

-I understand cats have a natural instinct to scratch things, including furniture. There are several safe and affordable options to deter this behavior. I understand declawing a cat is a painful and inhumane procedure, Smelly Cat Rescue prohibits all adopters from declawing their animals at any time.

-Adult cats are the most overlooked stray/lost animals. Especially if they aren’t wearing a collar. Your cat will be microchipped, but proper identification is critical to getting lost cats returned to their owners. I , the adopter, will purchase a “breakaway” collar for the cat, with an ID tag and will make every effort to always keep this collar on the cat.

-Smelly Cat Rescue is not responsible for any future medical expenses, injuries, property damage, or future legal problems caused by owning this cat.

-I understand that failure to perform the duties listed in this agreement will result in a breach of contract. In such an event I authorize Smelly Cat Rescue to reclaim possession of the adopted cat.

-We offer a 21-day medical return policy. If within the first 21-days of ownership a medical condition is discovered that you don’t feel you can handle, or should have been disclosed, Smelly Cat Rescue will accept the cat back and refund the adoption fee. Smelly Cat Rescue will not reimburse any veterinary or other expenses care during the 21-day period.

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