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Against All Odds Animal ResQ, Inc.

Hamilton, MO

Adoption Policy

We abide by all MO laws surrounding adoption practice for the betterment of the pet population. We require by signed contract that all pets are to be returned to our facility. We provide training and helpful hints and tips in which to make even unruly adopted pets end up being successful. We strive for a happy satisfying adoption experience that will have your friends and family members seeking us for their next added furry family member. Since 1990 we have been upping the quality of our program through trial and error thus learning and applying that to better succeed for the animals. Our Vet care protocol is for shots, worming, testing and then altering via spay or neuter to end the suffering of unwanted pets. Our wish is to some day have this overpopulation issue be a thing of the past to only reflect on. We have had far too many senseless crossing the Rainbow Bridge incidents. Many that could have been avoided if it were not for the treatment of Gods creatures by the human species.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets