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ARFF MO-Animal Responsibility for Fayette, MO

Fayette, MO

Our Mission

ARFF MO has received the Perfect Match Award from Animal Farm Foundation for our dog Star and her owner Phillip Green! Thanks so much to Animal Farm Foundation for this award and to Phillip for choosing Star to be his therapy dog!

ARFF MO is a 501c3 not for profit organization whose mission is to promote public safety through education about responsible pet care as an alternative to banning breeds of dogs. We focus on education, legislation, and rescue to achieve our goals. ARFF  MO rescues dogs that are on "Death Row" due to Breed Specific Legislation (Pit Bull bans) and those dogs whose lives are adversely affected by BSL.

Adoption Policy

ARFF MO requires a completed adoption application that can be found on our website, on the "Adoption Process" page of our site.  We require that you allow us to post a picture of your family with your adopted ARFF MO dog if you choose to adopt from us. All adopted dogs will be listed on our website under "Success Stories". Most of our dogs have come from Death Row in shelters or are dogs that have had their lives adversely affected by Pit Bull bans (BSL).  We post our dogs with their new families and lives in order to educate people about the true nature of these dogs that were unfairly deemed as being vicious and given a death sentence based on their looks alone. Call us!

All of our dogs are in foster care so meet and greets are on an appointment basis only! We have dogs in Ashland, Jefferson CIty, Columbia, and Fayette, MO.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets