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Lil' Paws, Big Hearts Chihuahua Rescue

Columbia, MO

Our Mission

The Purpose of Lil’ Paws, Big Hearts Chihuahua Rescue is to:
• To rescue chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes from situations that are abusive, endangering or neglectful.
• To rescue chihuahuas and chihuahua in danger of being euthanized at area shelters/pounds.
• To assist owners willing to surrender their dogs, by finding new homes for their dogs through the Corporation’s Owner Surrender Program, as an alternate to placing their dog in a public shelter or animal control facility.
• To provide homes for these animals.
• To place rescued animals into forever homes.
• To educate and promote the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals.
• To educate the public on how to help prevent animal cruelty.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters will complete an adoption application. The foster parent will contact the potential adopter for a phone interview. A meet and greet will be then scheduled with the family and the dog. If everyone agrees it's a match, the adopter completes the adoption contract. They take the dog and adoption packet home for a trial adoption. After one week, if they decide that it's a good fit, we deposit the adoption fee and they keep their new family member.

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