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Friends of Macon County Missouri Animals

Callao, MO

Our Mission

The purpose of the organization is to provide support for Macon County, Missouri shelters and pounds by promoting the humane treatment of animals. It is the policy of the corporation to provide supplies, care and treatment and provide assistance in helping find forever homes for Macon County animals in need.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters fill out an online adoption form. They are then contacted by an FMCMA representative and a conversation takes place regarding expectations, requirements, for adopting an animal. They are questioned about existing pets in the home, fenced yard, ability to physically assume care of another dog (all of these questions are on the adoption form, we just go over them). We then check Missouri casenet for any pending or old convictions or charges of animal cruelty. Potential adopter has a meet and greet with the animal. If everything is satisfactory, adoption can proceed.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets