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Our Mission

MO Wiggle Butts is a dog rescue serving mid-Missouri and its surrounding areas dedicated to helping pregnant dogs, whelped litters, and orphaned puppies find their forever homes. We are a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to ending pet overpopulation by providing rescue, veterinary care, and adoption services to unwanted and unplanned litters. We also provide end of life care to elderly dogs in our Senior Sanctuary. All of our dogs, unless otherwise instructed by a licensed veterinarian, receive all appropriate veterinary care including spay/neutering, vaccinations and microchipping prior to adoption. We evaluate and provide education to all of our adopters to promote lifelong happy, loving, and responsible dog ownership.

Adoption Policy

Submit an application online at By submitting this non-committal application, you will be in touch with our adoption coordinators and foster parents who can schedule meet-and-greets and put you on track to bringing home your newest family member! All of our dogs come completely up to date on veterinary work; including age appropriate vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter procedure!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets