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Our Mission

We are a very small all-breed, all-volunteer, foster-based rescue.
We do not have a facility.
All our dogs are in foster homes located around the twin cities.
Our primary focus is on Pregnant dogs and puppies with or without their moms, but we do accept adult dogs if and when we have open foster homes.

Our goal is to take unwanted puppies and dogs and find the right fit home for them. Being a foster-based rescue means we have the opportunity to get to know the dogs before adoption. As we get to know them, we use our application and other means like social media to get to know our families and place puppies and dogs in good homes that best fit them. During Covid-19 we will not be doing any home visits but may request a virtual home visit if needed.

We are always looking for more fosters and accept adult and puppy foster homes. We supply crate, food, leash, collar, and vetting. We do not have staff; we only have volunteers.

The fee is payable by cash, PayPal Friends and Family, Venmo Friends and Family, or by card. (there will be a $20 fee applied to all card transactions)

Our fee includes:
•Exam- some dogs will have an exam at the time of surgery, and some will have it done prior to coming to the rescue.

•Up To Date on core vaccines- DAPP vaccine and Rabies if over 16 weeks. Some adult dogs may have other vaccines and they will be listed in the records you receive at adoption.

•Spay or Neuter. We use the U of M teaching program

•Initial flea and tick preventative. Then monthly, while in rescue only, from May 1- Nov 1

•Initial heartworm preventative. Then monthly, while in rescue only, from May 1 - Nov 1

•Puppies will be dewormed every 2 weeks for 2 months. Then monthly while in rescue. Dogs over 6 months will get 2 dewormings, 2 weeks apart. Then monthly while in rescue.

Dogs and puppies have worms. They are in the environment and in their mother’s milk. It is important to continue to worm your pets even after adoption and throughout their lives or they will continue to have worms.

•Some dogs will include microchipping and it will be listed on their bio

Preventatives are only provided while in rescue. We will not provide preventatives after adoption or once placed into the foster to adopt or surgical program. This includes deworming, flea and tick, or heartworm.

Adoption Policy


•You are not allowed to remove a dog from your home without written permission from the rescue. This is for a minimum of 2 years after adoption. If you do remove the dog, we will assess a $500 penalty fee for breach of contract. This is not a guarantee that we will be able to bring your dog back into rescue. Attending Formal training for 30 days is required to return any dog over 4 months old.

•Applications are only available via email from the rescue or by inquiring through Petfinder.

•We take applications in the order received. Please place names at the top of the application in order of preference.

•Once we get your application via email, we will process it. This takes up to 24-48 hours but can be as quick as 3 hours. After we process your application, you will receive either a Congratulations, a denial, or an email stating you have been placed on a waiting list. Please be ready to meet your dog when you apply as we request all meets within 48 hours of your congrats email. Make sure you are checking your junk mail. We respond to all emails.

•We only guarantee meet and greets that are scheduled within 48 hours of the congratulations email. If you need to schedule it for a date further out than 48 hours we will not guarantee the dog will still be available at that time as we may choose to accept another application.

•We will only bring the dog you have been approved for to the meet. We may, by request, bring a second one if there is not an approved application for that dog AND if they are in the same foster home.

•If a dog says pending adoption before its name, it means it has a meet scheduled. If you apply you will be placed on a waiting list.

•Some of our dogs may not be in the rescue yet. If you are pre-approved to adopt, a non-refundable deposit may be required.

•If you are pre-approved to adopt a puppy that is too young to go home yet (under 8 weeks old), we will require a non-refundable deposit, equal to the fee, to be paid within 12 hours of your Congrats email.

• We do accept out-of-State applications. If you live more than 3 hours away, you will be required to pay the adoption fee in full within 4 hours of your congrats email. This is only refundable if you meet within 48 hours AND you choose not to adopt. Please be aware that we do not ship dogs.

•Please try to schedule your meet for a time all decision-making parties can be present. If you choose to take the time to think about it, they do stay up for adoption. Another potential adopter may have the chance to adopt right away. Thank you for understanding.

•Full payment of the fee is required at the time of adoption by cash, Paypal, Venmo, or card. There is a $20 fee to process a card or use our PayPal invoice option. We do not accept payment plans.

This is for dogs that are not yet fixed. -

ALL OF OUR ADOPTED DOGS ARE REQUIRED TO BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED BY 6 MONTHS OF AGE. There is no exception to this, even if your vet recommends it, unless it is due to a serious medical condition that can be verified.

We also do not delay surgery. You must attend the surgery on the scheduled date. If you want to delay surgery you will be responsible to do it at your own vet at your own expense.

If you choose a dog that is not yet fixed you will be placed in our surgical program. If surgery is done with our program the fee for surgery is covered as part of your non-refundable adoption fee. You are responsible for all vetting while in this program outside of the spay or neuter. You are responsible to get your dog to the appointment that is scheduled. Currently, we are using the Univesity of Minnesota Teaching program for our spays and neuters. If you do not want to use this program, then you will be responsible to do the surgery on your own, at your own vet and expense. We will not cover this or reimburse this. If you live too far away and choose not to use our program, you will be responsible to do surgery on your own. We do not reduce the fee or reimburse the vet expenses.

Golden Valley clinic
845 Meadow Lane N, Golden Valley, MN 55422

Surgery Drop off is 7:30 am
Pick up is sometime between 1-3. They will contact you when it is time to pick up your dog.

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