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Windmill Animal Rescue

350 Main Street
New Market, MN 55054

Our Mission

We are always looking for volunteers who love animals.  Volunteers would initially clean cages, litter boxes, the floor, etc. and feed & water. As these become routine, other responsibilities may be added. There are also secretarial and other clerical duties for volunteers. We even have need of a good "handyman" for odds and ends in repairs and construction. Please visit for more information about volunteering.

In 1990, some children in the town of New Market, MN, brought a stray mother cat and her kittens to the local feed/pet store to be cared for. That was the beginning. As the years went by, more animals were brought in. They included orphans, strays, and lost domestic animals, some injured.  Even local wildlife!

Adoption Policy


To adopt an animal you must complete these steps: 
 Fill out the Pre-Adoption Form found at
  Wait for approval from at least three Board Members. 
Select your pet before, after, or during the first two steps. 
Obtain all necessary supplies for your new when you pick up your new pet (or before).  
Complete the Final Adoption Form and pay the necessary adoption fee before leaving the Windmill Animal Rescue with your new forever friend. 

Because of the shelter circumstances, the cats are indoor/outdoor kitties. It is preferred, but not required, that they spend their lives as indoor, non-declawed cats (some cats arrive already declawed). These pets need a forever home with lots of love and attention.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets