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Our Mission

Our Vision: People working together to provide a safe and loving environment for all animals.

Our Mission: By rescuing and rehoming animals in need, we have the power to change the lives both animal and human.

Our values - the 6 C's must thrive equally to earn the respect of all individuals in The Pack and the community.

Our 6C’s:

Adoption Policy

We will have an online application on our website and a paper version of the same application that can be filled out at adoption events. The applicants will be interviewed by the foster parent, also an advisor to give a second evaluation. Feedback forms will be filled out and the application with both feedbacks be reviewed by the Adoption Manager for final approval. Individuals will be contacted of acceptance within 24-48 hours. Those who apply and are a good fit but not first choice will be notified and allowed to select another animal if they choose to. Those who do not qualify are also notified and informed why they weren't accepted (ie. electric fence, no training)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets