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Rabbit Rescue of MN

Lakeville, MN

Our Mission

Rabbit Rescue of MN is a 501(c)3 non profit rescue. Our mission is somewhat different than that of many other rescues as we take in sick, abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted domestic rabbits as well as rabbits from the public that are no longer wanted. We fundraise in order to get proper vetting and then focus on rehabilitation to ready our rabbits for their furever homes.
We are 100% volunteer based and have no paid staff. All of our rescue rabbits are cared for in private foster homes where they are properly housed and receive love and socialization. We do not advocate housing our rescue rabbits in pet stores of any kind. Prior to adoption we screen our applicants thoroughly including a background check and a visit of our applicants home to insure that our rescue rabbits will be properly housed in a well ventilated, well lit and space appropriate area. Included in our mission is education about proper housing, diet and medical care for first time rabbit families.
Our rescue rabbits are all spayed, neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. We pride ourselves on informing the public that domestic rabbits are “Exotic” pets/ family members and require very specific care, medical needs and housing as well as a space in the home where they can be part of the family.

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