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Range Regional Animal Rescue

11215 Hwy 37
Hibbing, MN 55746

Our Mission

The mission of Range Regional Animal Rescue is to provide the highest quality of service and care to ensure that animals are guaranteed permanent placement. It is also the mission of the Range Regional Animal Rescue to provide education, information, and outreach in an effort to reduce and ultimately prevent neglect, abuse, and over-population in the communities in which we serve.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is relatively simple. We have 2 papers to fill out and sign (the adoption contract and application) and 3 if you are adopting a puppy/kitten not of age to yet be sterilized (spay/neuter certificate).

Animals are free to visit any time at the shelter between 12-5PM Tuesday-Sunday, and you are able to call with any questions from 8-5 every day. Some animals are in foster at times, but most are in house.

Some animals are able to leave same day if they have everything they need ready to go, once you've found one you'd like to adopt, otherwise a down payment will be done on the animal as a holding fee until they are ready to leave. All that is required from the adopter is their ID to make a copy of, the adoption fee, and a carrier for the animal if needed. (All cats/kittens are required to leave to building in a carrier. If you do not have one, a pet box will be provided for $5 + Tax).


Adult Dogs: $50-$350 + Tax

Puppies: $350 + Tax

Purebred: $100-$500 + Tax

Adult Cats: $25-$125 + Tax

Kittens: $125 + Tax

~Pet carriers are required for all cat/kitten adoptions, otherwise a pet box will be provided for $5.00 + Tax.~


~Price Includes~



Rabies Vaccine (1 year)


Bordetella Vaccine

24PetWatch Microchip

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