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The Marshmallow Foundation

1478 Mallard Street
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Our Mission

Improving our community by reuniting the lost and advocating for the unwanted.
The Marshmallow Animal Shelter is a non-profit animal shelter located in Detroit Lakes, MN that was created to serve as a public resource for stray, abandoned, and rescued companion animals. One of the main goals of The Marshmallow Animal Shelter is to help educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering animals so that we can put an end to the nightmare of unwanted cats and dogs. Our shelter operates as the impound primarily for cats and dogs found within the city limits of Detroit Lakes but also assists the following cities when called upon: Audubon, Callaway, Frazee, Lake Park, Mahnomen, and Waubun. In addition, we routinely take in animals from Becker County that are found outside of city limits, as they have no other place to go. Please note that we do accept cats and dogs that are found outside the above areas but only when the agency responsible for them cannot accept them. Only a designated official can bring these animals to our shelter once approval has been received. First and Foremost, we are a “low kill” shelter. This is very important to all of us and we believe in it with all of our hearts. The animals that are brought to us as “strays” are held for five (5) business days. After that hold period is up, we have the right to have that animal euthanized. This is how most pounds/shelters operate because they have little resources to care for these animals. We wanted to give area animals more of a chance at finding new homes, therefore we only euthanize if there are extenuating circumstances. We have so many wonderful stories that we can share of animals surviving and going on to loving homes because our shelter and our supporters gave that animal another chance at life. Because we are committed to caring for these animals until we can find them appropriate homes, many are with us for a very lengthy period. We do not give them time limits. But to give them such extended care requires support from our public. On average, we have around 70 cats and 20 dogs to care for while they wait to find new homes and families.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Process

-Applications MUST be submitted via the website.
-Please understand that the adoption process can take a few days, weeks, or longer depending upon availability of references, home visits, animal availability, etc.  One of the biggest holdups we find when processing applications is that they are missing information, such as names and phone numbers for references, veterinarians and landlords.  Please double check your application before you submit to ensure that all sections are fully completed.  
-Once your application has been received and the process has started, someone from our team will contact you via phone, email or both to let you know where we are at in the process and what the next step(s) will be.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets