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United Doberman Rescue and Canine Castaways of Minnesota

Buffalo, MN

Our Mission

Our mission is to save all Dobermans and pets in danger from death and abandonment and provide breed education to the public. We believe that the need to rescue exists not only on a local basis in Minnesota, and the 5 state area, but more broadly across the United States. Our goal is to help all Dobermans, Doberman mixes and other purebred breeds.

We are a home based foster meaning we do not have a shelter for our homeless Dobermans/animals. Our rescued Dobermans live with families until they are adopted. While waiting for their forever homes they live with foster families, learning appropriate behaviors, getting the vet attention that they might need, as we begin their healing by being loved and cared for as one of our own dogs. All adoptable Dobermans are vetted, spayed, neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption.

We actively work with other Doberman rescues across the U.S. and world to help save the Doberman breed.

Adoption Policy

We follow the Doberman Pinscher Club of America's Code of Ethics. For more information visit the DPCA at

Thank you for considering rescue for your next four-legged family member. All potential adopters must fill out an application in order for United Doberman Rescue to thoroughly screen all potential adopters and ensure all dogs go to acceptable and loving homes.

After we receive your completed application at we will check your references and schedule a time for a volunteer to conduct a home visit. The home visit is not to critique your home, but to see the environment where the dog will live, make the best possible recommendations on the dog that would be the best fit for your home and give us a chance to answer your questions. PLEASE NOTE that all individuals that will reside with the dog must be present at the time of the home visit.

Upon completion of the home visit and vet reference check, United Doberman Rescue will decide whether or not we can place a Doberman in your home. Remember, we are extremely selective in choosing our adopters.

Please note that we will not place rescue dogs in homes with young children under 6 years of age, unless the dog you are looking to adopt is a puppy and can grow with the children- Small children generally do not have the stress management skills, impulse control or the ability to think abstractly that adults possess. A small child can unintentionally hurt a dog and the consequences can result in injury to the child. If a rescue dog injuries a child it will most likely end the life of the dog. In addition, most rescue dogs have unknown histories so reaction to certain situations is indeterminable.

We do prefer a fully fenced yard but will consider homes with no fencing on rare occasions.

Please check with your home owners association or home insurance to see if Dobermans are an accepted breed. Some home owners associations and insurance companies do not allow Dobermans in the home.

Adopters must be 21 years of age and not living at home with parents. All people residing in home must want to adopt dog.

Renters will need to provide name and phone number of landlord to verify that a dog is acceptable in your rental unit.

Once the home visit is completed and you are approved, we will begin introducing you to the dogs we have in foster homes. The adoption process involves time and effort, but be patient - we want to ensure that we match you with the right dog. Please stay in close contact with us during this process. Once a match has been made, we will execute the Adoption Contract.

Adoption donations are $400 for dogs 2 years of age and under; $300 for dogs between the ages of 3 - 7 years old and $200 for dogs over the age of 8 (special needs dogs determined on a case by case basis).

All current pets living in the home must be spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated. We will require applicants to provide your vets information to verify this.

All adopted dogs must be kept current on vaccines and heart worm preventative. They must reside in the house with their family. All owners must keep United Doberman Rescue current on phone and address information. Animals must be returned to United Doberman Rescue should the new owner be unable to keep them under any circumstance. All pets (cats and dogs) presently residing in the household MUST be spayed or neutered, and up to date on vaccinations including rabies.

When filling out the application, please make sure to fill it out fully so as not to delay the process as we can not move forward and adopt if we have incomplete information for adopters.

Recommended Pets

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