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Precious Pets Adoption League

Shelby Township, MI

Our Mission

Precious Pets Adoption League is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to finding suitable homes for companion animals. We rescue and place animals of all ages. We are unpaid volunteers. Love for animals and your tax-deductible donations keep us going.

We do not have an actual shelter, so our animals stay in foster homes until adoption. We have no limit on how long we hold onto an adoptable animal--we have had dogs and cats that remained in a foster home for more than a year before finally being adopted. We could always use more volunteers willing to foster dog or cats, as there are so many more animals in need.

We believe that homeless and abandoned dogs and cats deserve a second chance at life. Most of the animals we rescue would not have much of a chance if we didn't take them. Some of them came from animal controls that would have put them down or even sold them to research if we hadn't intervened. Others were found stray or abandoned and would likely have died on the street or wound up at an animal control where they would have little chance of being adopted. Some of the dogs we have taken in were Pit Bulls found stray in Detroit--if we hadn't taken these dogs, they would have faced a bleak future (i.e., possible death at animal control or most shelters, or starvation or worse if left stray on the streets).

We feel it is vital that we cannot turn our backs on companion animals that have been thrown away by people.

Adoption Policy

For adoption inquiries only, call 586-202-4551
Meeting our animals:
People interested in one of our animals or who just want to see what cats and dogs we have available, are welcome to come to one of our adoption shows (we show at the Shelby Township Petco on Saturdays, and some cats can be seen every day at the Shelby Township Petco in the habitat near the front door--contact us or see the Petfinder events calendar for more info.). If you are interested in a particular dog or cat, we recommend that you call us during the week, 586-839-0690 to make sure that this animal will be at the show. We may also be able to arrange a private meeting between you and the animal's foster person on another day or time.

Adoption process:
People interested in adopting one of our animals are asked to fill out a short adoption application. We review the application and decide whether the applicant is a good match for the dog or cat. If we approve the applicant to adopt, we have the applicant read and sign our adoption contract. We generally do 'same day adoptions'--adoption applications are reviewed on the spot and the adoption process is completed all at the same time.

Adoption fees:
Since we do not get a large amount of monetary donations, we depend on the adoption fees to cover veterinary and other costs. Adoption fees may vary from animal to animal depending on breed, costs incurred, etc. The following are the adoption fees generally:

Kittens - $150
Cats - $100
Puppies - $250 - $500
Dogs - $250 - $500

We do not do out of state adoptions.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets