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Milo's Mews Feral Cat Rescue

Novi, MI

Our Mission

It is our mission to rescue, spay/neuter, care for, and socialize feral cats and kittens in an effort to reduce the feral cat population to help prevent the spread of disease, suffering and death in these beautiful animals.

Adoption Policy

Adopters must complete an application form and provide us with the adoption fee (and spay/neuter deposit if adopting kittens too young for us to spay/neuter at the time). We need to know their circumstances, ie, are there children or other pets in the home, the ages of the children and pets. Are the other pets aggressive, where will the cat be living in the home. We require photos of the home and the rooms where the family lives most of the time. We require a reference from their vet. We also require them to sign that they understand that these are formerly feral cats and may need extra love, care and attention as opposed to cats who have always been in a home/domesticated. We spend a good deal of time talking to potential adopters ahead of time to make sure this is a good fit for them and their family.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets