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Underdog Cat Rescue

Mount Clemens, MI

Our Mission

Underdog Cat Rescue was founded in dedication to urgent cats outside in the elements.  We help those who are lost, abandoned, or stray to ensure their immediate safety and assess their rehabilitative needs. We commit to fostering these needs until ready for placement into safe and loving homes.

SURRENDERS: We are UNABLE to accommodate pet surrenders. As a foster-based rescue, our ability to intake is subject to space and very limited. Our mission is dedicated to those who are homeless and need rescue from outside.
REHOMING: We are able to help with rehoming if you are willing to 'foster your own' while we post your pet adoptable and search/screen applicants on your behalf. There is no fee as a volunteer service, but you may be asked to cover the veterinary cost of having your pet up to the adoptable standard.
HOMELESS: If you know of a domestic cat that is homeless, you may contact us and we will help whenever possible.  If we can help with rescue and adoption (but are unable to accommodate foster), you may be asked for your participation or ability to temp foster.
FOSTERING: We are always in need of fosters. If you are able to provide a temporary home, please contact us!
SOCIALIZING: We can socialize feral and semi-feral cats to an adoptable status, but it is generally a longer-term foster commitment. Our ability to socialize one-on-one is very limited, in which that space usually remains occupied with a waiting list. If you know of a cat with this potential, we can evaluate and help with protocol for successful rehab.
FERALS: If you know of a feral cat colony that needs help, please look into your local community TNR trap/neuter/release program, or contact us for info.
DONATIONS: Donations are appreciated and can be made via PayPal to
Or you may email us at to make a donation or sponsor an Underdog Cat.

Adoption Policy

Our adoptable pets are fully vetted prior to adoption, including spay/neuter, shots, testing for FIV/Felv, microchip, flea prevention, deworming.
Application, home visit, and contract are required for all adoptions.
We are a foster-based rescue, not a shelter. To ensure the privacy of our foster families in their homes, our adoptable pets are available to meet via the outlined process...

INQUIRY: Submit an inquiry via the adoption site or email us at Please include the following information with your inquiry:
1) Name of pet you are considering.
2) What city are you located?
3) Number of dogs and/or cats you currently have.
APPLICATION: If the inquiry meets the general criteria as a potential match for the pet, we will email the application to you.
MEET & GREET: If the detailed application seems like a potential fit for the pet, we will contact you for a meet & greet/home visit.
ADOPTION: If it's determined to be the right match for the pet and adopting party, we may proceed with adoption by way of a signed contract.
FEE: Our standard adoption fee ranges from $100-$200 per cat/kitten. The adoption fee is in effort to help cover our vet cost of intake and is not for a profit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets