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To save, protect, and improve the lives of animals.

Adoption Policy

If you wish to meet one of our adoptable animals in person, you will need to complete our adoption application first. After we review and approve your application, we will contact you to schedule a meeting. You can also meet many of our adoptable animals at adoption and special events or at area host sites.

Adoption Policies:

In order to adopt an animal from Monroe SPCA you must be 21 years of age and be able to show proof of residence.

Please Note: If you rent or reside in a condominium or mobile home park, of if you belong to a homeowners’ association, you will need to provide written proof from your landlord, park manager, or association that you are permitted to own/have the pet you wish to adopt on the premises. A Monroe SPCA representative will call your landlord to verify any pet restrictions.

Animals cannot be adopted as gifts for someone outside your residence.

Animals presently owned by you must have a documented veterinary care history. This includes being up-to-date with necessary vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention for your dog(s), and being up-to-date with necessary vaccines for your cat(s).

Adoption applicants must provide at least 2 character references that do not reside in the same household. Only one reference may be related to the applicant.

Monroe SPCA will NOT adopt an animal in any of the following cases:

A home with other dogs and/or cats that have not been spayed/neutered,
A home located where ownership of the animal is banned, prohibited, and/or restricted (we recommend you research your city's animal-related ordinances prior to filling out an application),
A home in which the dog's primary caregiver(s) is under the age(s) of 21,
A home in which a resident has been convicted of cruelty, neglect, or dog fighting.

Monroe SPCA reserves the right to refuse adoptions to anyone. Animals have individual needs and we try to place them accordingly. We operate on a “best placement” principle, meaning it is our goal to place each animal in an environment most suitable for his or her individual needs, as well as considering the adopting family’s expectations, needs, and current living conditions.

After meeting with you and your family, we may suggest that an animal of different age, sex, size, energy-level, or temperament would be better suited to your household. For example, to reduce the likelihood of conflict, we might recommend an opposite-sex housemate dog as more suitable for households that already have a dog. Similarly, to increase the likelihood of positive interactions between the new pet and all household members in multiple pet households or households with young children, we may recommend a housemate dog or cat with a different energy-level, personality, or temperament. In any case, we do not want to have household family members disappointed or overwhelmed by a new pet; and equally, we do not want the new pet to undergo what can be a stressful transition, only to have the pet be unwanted or returned to us. Therefore, we conduct a very thorough and selective adoption screening.

Our adoption process generally takes ten days to two weeks from the time we receive your application until you take your new pet home. Please be patient with us during this process and understand that we strive with every adoption to facilitate a good match between household family members and their new housemate family pet.

Completing an adoption application does not guarantee you will be approved. No animals will be adopted to prospective owners who mislead or fail to provide accurate information on the adoption application.

Foster-to-Adopt: In select instances, you will have the option to temporarily foster an animal before completing the adoption. This requires completing the adoption application and making a refundable deposit equal to the adoption fee of the animal you are interested in. You must finalize the adoption or return the animal to us at the end of your specified foster period.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets