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Our mission here at Little Darlings Rescue Ranch is to help injured, neglected and unwanted animals and to find them a loving forever home. We are a group of passionate animal lovers that want to make a difference in animals lives. We will aid and assist owners and animals that are in loving homes already stay in their homes with their loving families. We will help those families with medical expenses, food, training and so much more. We understand that everyone falls on hard times and just because people go through fininancial crisis that does not mean they don't deserve to keep their loving fur baby when they need them the most. We will help educate the community on the importance of spay and neuter and getting their animals proper Medical Care. We will also educate and train people and help to explain the importance and benefits of training for both the animal and the families. We will have a facility where we are able to work with dogs and their owners and get hands on experience and training with a certified licensed dog trainer on staff. We will offer housing/holding of animals for owners that need temporary housing while moving. We will also offer temporary housing/holding for reputable rescues while they arrange foster homes for new intakes or for animals going through special medical treatment.
We plan to have swimming, possible dock diving, several agility activities, and plenty of room to rome in an all-around fun place for the animals to thrive.
We will also have a foster home program to get animals into loving foster homes in preparation for their
Deanna Lassi is known for being active in the Michigan rescue world for several years, but her dedication to the animals has been a lifelong passion. At just the age of five, Deanna began feeding stray animals in her neighborhood. There was even an incident in her childhood where Animal Control came to her for help catching a stray dog.
Over the years, Deanna has fostered for a few local animal rescues, and has rescued quite a few dogs independently. She often takes on the cases no one else will. She has also assisted with troubleshooting behavioral issues, to help owners keep their pets. Her willingness to not only help animals in need, but also impoverished people who are down on their luck, is proof positive of how big her heart truly is.
Deanna is working on creating a safe haven that will feature
*an indoor training facility
*a safe indoor play area
*an outdoor fenced in areas for exercise
*an agility course
*a pool or pond for exercise
*an area to rehabilitate Wildlife
Let’s rally behind someone who has helped so many, and help her save many, many more lives. Deanna and the animals need YOU!!! Let’s make this dream come true!!!
This was written by Lyndsey Wacasey

Adoption Policy

There is an application process which can be done online. Once we go over the application and everything goes well then, we would do a meet and greet and then if the potential adopters decide to go forward if they had other animals, we would do a meet and greet with the other animals and a home visit, and there is an adoption contract

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Adoption Application

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