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Mosh Pit Rescue was founded in 2017 with the goal of fostering and adopting out male pit bulls. That mission has expanded to include all kinds of dogs, kittens, cats and even some bunnies - but we will always be pit bull advocates. We work with owners of lost pets, finders of found pets, rehab, recovery, rehoming, fostering, adoptions and bailing dogs out of the the local shelters when fees are prohibitive. We pull the majority of our adoptable dogs out of the Calhoun Animal Center in Battle Creek as they are the greatest need. We are a Grand Rapids, Michigan 501(c)3.

We believe in spay/neuter. Generally, all other pets in the household must be fixed for an adoption application to be considered (talk to us about vet directed exceptions). We use a top of the industry vet, we do not use vaccines from Tractor Supply etc, we practice QUALITY VETTING.

We are strongly against puppy mills and designer puppy stores. We do not "buy dogs". We adopt, we rescue, we do not shop.

We are LOCAL to Grand Rapids and West Michigan. We do not import dogs from out of state. We do not flip puppies without vetting them. We will #rescuelocal until no pet here in West Michigan needs us. We wish we could help every dog, but until no dogs here in West Michigan need us we will stay LOCAL.

Our pets are indoor pets and are not kept isolated from the family or kept outside even during foster. Pets are family and they deserve to be treated accordingly.

We believe pets are forever. Outside of owner death/disability or military deployment there are few circumstances that justify rehoming a pet.

We do not typically take owner surrenders. There are too many truly homeless animals where we are the difference between life and death for us to take an animal that has a home and an owner who needs to step up and take responsibility for their animal. Harsh as it is, if we take your owner surrender, a dog dies in a kill shelter because we took your dog instead of pulling from a kill shelter.

That said, if you do need help with an animal in your care, please reach out. We have helped reinforce fences, we have helped provide transportation to vet appointments when owners were unable, we have helped pay vet bills, we have housed an animal for a short period of time while owners were between houses. We are local and very involved in the Grand Rapids community - we can't always help but we are always willing to try and assist where we can.

We are no kill outside of major untreatable medical if recommended by a vet or untrainable aggression if recommended by a behaviorist. We are not open intake. We are a small volunteer rescue. No one affiliated with Mosh Pit receives a salary. We are volunteers who do this because we want to help. We may not be able to save them all, but we will #dosomething and save the ones we can at Mosh Pit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets