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Our Mission

At Fig and Friends Pet Rescue, we believe that every furry friend deserves a loving forever home. Our mission is to connect abandoned and homeless animals with compassionate individuals and families who are ready to open their hearts and homes to a wonderful new companion.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and any donation is tax deductible.

Adoption Policy

~We do not adopt to homes with animals who are not spayed or neutered unless there is a valid reason such as vet recommendation.
~We do check references including landlord if you rent and your vet both past and present.
~We do not adopt to homes that plan on declawing the cat we have adopted out to you or that plan on letting a cat outside (unless on a leash and harness under owner's continued observation).
~If we see something on your application that we are concerned about, we will always try and have a conversation with you to find out the why. We understand you might have declawed a cat in the past or had to rehome an animal. It can happen to anyone. We like to dig deeper and won't deny someone just based on surface information.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets