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Our Mission

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Providing for Paws mission is to rescue neglected, abused and sick animals, or animals that have been displaced from their home. We frequently work in communities that have a high rate of stray animals such as Detroit.  We are commonly in these areas and working to educate owners with animals in bad situations, where we often find strays that come to us very neglected or abused.


Providing for Paws has several people asking if they can surrender their family pet(s) to us every day. We first ask to see if we can help the families keep their pets in the home by offering our services. When out on the road or when we are checking on an animal that might be in jeopardy, we always try to educate the owner(s) because we feel education is the key to reducing the number of an

Adoption Policy

Providing for Paws requires all applicants to complete an adoption application.  Home and vet checks are conducted to ensure the animal is being placed in a home that will give the animal proper vetting and the home fits the animals needs.  


To complete a foster or adoption application for one our pets up for adoption, visit this link:


Our Adoption Fees are as follows:


$300 for Dogs seven months and older

$325 for Puppies six months and younger

$400 for Full Breeds any age

$125 for Adult Cats

$150 for Kittens


All of our animals have been examined by a veterinarian and have a clean bill of health.  If there are medical issues, Providing for Paws will go over those medical problems prior to adoption.  Our adoption fees include spay/neuter, up to date on all vaccines, microchip

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets