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Take My Paw Rescue

Fowlerville, MI

Adoption Policy

For animals being shown at a showing location. It is not first come first served or what references you have. Adoption is done off of our preadopt form. When we have more families than animals it is hard on a foster to decide. Most families would be a great adopter but we only have so many animal to place into homes. You might not be chosen to adopt so please be respectful to our volunteers as it's a hard job being a foster, reviewing and deciding on a new home for them. Pre-adopt forms are only accepted until 11:15 at our showing event.

ON SHOWING DATE, you will be asked to fill out a pre-adoption form at the showing event. All pre-adoption forms are reviewed just after 11 and a home is chosen from all pre-adoption forms at the event. If you plan to come to the showing you should plan to be there just before 11 or right at 11 to fill out a pre-adoption form. If you are chosen you will complete the adoption Saturday and take the animal home. If you rent, proof you are allowed to have an animal is required. Sometimes we have more than one family interested in the same animal, the foster has to choose one family for the animal. We cannot guarantee you will be chosen.
We do not have a shelter, all our animals are in foster homes.

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