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Saved by Zade

Eaton Rapids, MI

Our Mission

*About Us*

Saved by Zade is a kitty overpopulation liaison in the Lansing and Jackson areas of Michigan. We work to connect you to the best programs to fit your needs for kitty overpopulation, as well as foster and adopt out kitties as we can. We are often the ones that are out helping people and businesses catch the kitties that need fixed and coordinating adoptable kitties with the local rescues & humane societies. We are 100% ran by unpaid volunteers, and donations are needed as we pay for many of the needs for medical, transportation, vaccination, testing, and more to help kitties in your community.

501 (c)(3) Charity Status as of 2017.

Adoption Policy

*Veterinary Visit*
We require that all animals adopted from our rescue have an initial health exam with their new veterinarian, within 2-3 weeks of adoption. It is also recommended that you take a stool sample to this appointment to insure your cat or kitten has not harbored any parasites that the initial deworming failed
to eradicate. Although your new kitty is considered healthy at the time of the adoption, unforeseen illnesses can occur. It is recommended Pet Insurance is purchased for this reason. We cannot guarantee they do not have any unknown health issues and we cannot guarantee they will remain healthy and/or
Feline Leukemia/FIV negative in the future; even if they originally tested negative.
**All veterinary fees incurred after adoption are the responsibility of the adopter.**

*Slow Introduction*
New kitties should be brought into an isolated area for at least one week before introduction to resident
pets. This will allow new kitty to feel safe and adjust to new surroundings and allow you to control
introduction to resident pets. For tips and tricks - our favorite video for introduction is by Cole and
Marmalade called “Introducing Two Cats” or here:

*Return Policy*
If for any reason you find you can no longer keep a pet you have adopted from us, the pet must be
returned to us, unless we approve of other arrangements.
Under no circumstances is the animal to be abandoned; left outside to fend for itself; surrendered to
any animal shelter, humane society shelter, or other animal rescue; be given away to any other
person(s); or be taken to a veterinarian for euthanasia unless there is no quality of life left.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets