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A Better English Setter Rescue

East China, MI

Our Mission

A Better English Setter Rescue (ABESR), founded on March 10, 2014, is dedicated to rescuing English Setters from shelters, poor living conditions and helping those that may need to be rehomed for other reasons.

Our founders, board members and volunteers have well over 20 years of experience saving dogs. We have taken this wisdom and love for the English Setter breed to add yet another safe haven to the rescue community. With our entrance into this community, more English Setters will be saved, taught to love and trust again and find the home of their dreams.

Each home will be carefully screened to determine whether an English Setter is the correct choice. Home visits will be done as well as veterinary and reference checks.

Each of our dogs will live in a home situation (no kennels, "rescue ranches" or living outdoors) as either the only foster dog or one of 2 adult foster dogs, so a true evaluation of each dog can occur before adoption. When the dogs are in foster care they will be altered, evaluated, and receive all vetting needed for adoption. (We do NOT warehouse dogs in boarding kennels unless it is an emergency where the dog will be euthanized. Should that happen, they are moved to their foster home within days.)
Typically ABESR dogs have interaction with other dogs and many times children, cats, and even birds! Each and every dog will remain in foster care for a minimum of two (2) weeks for evaluation. Every dog rescued will remain in our care until the correct match is found. Each foster home will evaluate personality, behaviors and activity level. At that time the foster home determines the type of home situation in which their foster dog would be happiest.

Adoption Policy

We are a national breed rescue group and our process is designed to make sure we are very careful in the placement of all of our rescue dogs. Here's the link to our online adoption application in case you haven't already started.

There is no cost or obligation for completing the application. Within a few days you'll receive a phone call from one of our volunteers to discuss your application. We do check vet references and conduct home visits. If you haven't been through a breed rescue adoption process, it may seem lengthy at first but it is just intended to make sure each individual/family adopts the right dog for your family and home. In our rescue they are fostered in a home and our intention is that they are never abandoned or let down again.

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