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Our Mission

To reduce animal suffering through provision of foster care of kittens and pregnant cats, veterinary services, and screening of appropriate adoptive homes. Provide education to the community to reduce the over population through spay and neutering.

Adoption Policy

We have a 3 page Pre-Adoption Application that a potential adopter fills out that we thoroughly review, call references and discuss. Then, if possible based on location, we setup a Meet and Greet with the potential adopter and the kitten/cat and observe the interaction between them. If all goes well, we may approve the adoption. If more than 1 application is received per kitten/cat, we review all applications, process all of them, setup Meet & Greets, and select the match to adopter for that particular kitten/cat based on our review of application, calls to references, call to veterinary, and interaction at Meet & Greet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets