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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) rescue organization made up of volunteers. Our mission is to provide a safe, affordable, reliable transport service for rescues who transport pets from high-kill shelters to their locations. Proceeds from this service are used to shelter, provide for and promote the care and welfare of stray and rescue cats and dogs, to spay and neuter dog and cats, to support spay neuter activity in our community to provide veterinary services for stray, surrendered and rescue cats and dogs, and for maintaining TNR programs for feral and community cats in metro Detroit and surrounding areas.

Adoption Policy

Please click on the link to our application, download and complete the form, and email it to
Upon review of your application we may ask some additional questions. Our next step is to set up a Zoom meeting or video chat to introduce you to the pet of your choice and other pets you may also be interested in based upon your application and preferences. During this video meeting we do a "video home check" and ask about the pets access to your home, how you will introduce the pet to a new environment, where you will keep a crate or litter box. We also enjoy meeting your pet companion so that we can get an idea of compatibility. (We also just like meeting your pets!)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets