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Our Mission

Rebel Dogs Detroit is a radical rescue collective based in the heart of Detroit, MI. Our mission is to create a street to home network for the abandoned and abused dogs of Detroit. We also focus on supporting pet retention for members of the Detroit community who wish to continue providing a loving home for their pet despite obstacles. We are committed to addressing the needs of our city’s dogs through a radical socioeconomic framework. We have an open surrender policy, as well as a 24hr/7 days a week on call for rescuing dogs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you find a dog on the street, know of one being abused, need help keeping your dog happy and healthy, or want to surrender your pet. We will help in any way we can.

Adoption Policy

We want to help you find your best friend! Rebel Dogs Detroit is committed to making dog adoption more accessible and attractive to the Detroit community. Our adoption fee for adult dogs is $275, and $325 for puppies. That said, we do have a sliding scale adoption fee for those below the poverty line. Our sliding scale program only applies to dogs above the age of 1. If you qualify for the program, we ask that you to pay what you are able. Keep in mind all the dogs vaccines, spay/neutering, and vet care up to that point are included in the adoption, so please contribute if you can. Additionally, if the sliding scale program doesn't apply to you, you are welcome to join our volunteer-to-adopt program. For further info on either of these programs, please reach out.

When you contact us with interest in a dog, we will set up a time to interview you. The next step is a meeting between you and the dog. If that goes well, and you wish to follow through with the adoption, we require that you complete a training session with us, the dog, and yourself. The cost of the training session is included in your adoption fee, and you must complete it to finalize the adoption.

In the training we will focus on behavior modifications that are relevant to you and the particular dog. Everyone's different!

If we decide that more sessions are needed, they will be at no additional cost, but you are always welcome to donate.

Our commitment to you and your new companion doesn't end with the adoption. If you ever need help in the future to keep your dog healthy and happy, you can always reach out. We will do everything in our power to help you and the pooch! We appreciate you opening up your home and your hearts, and know that it is a large, long-term responsibility. We ask you to not take it lightly, and promise that we won't either.?

Recommended Pets

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