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Our Mission

Our dream is to create a place where animals can be free and enjoy life at the Ranch. Whether they are with us for a few weeks, or forever, they will always be loved and cared for. We hope to educate the community and the world on the value of adoption, TNR and rescue with our actions and our words.

Adoption Policy

We go through a thorough adoption process that ensures that the best matches are made. We review and call referrals, as well as the current vet, along with an interview with the potential adopter. We then have a conversation about what the dogs behavior is, any red flags for either party and discuss those. After that, and if it looks like a good match, we require a meet and greet with all parties that will be living in the house, human and animal. If there are any red flags, or the meet and greet does not go well, we do not go through with the adoption. We extend resources of the trainer that we use at the Ranch as well as going through the phases of dog decompression.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets