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Mission Statement:
To promote the humane treatment of all types of animals: To be the voice of the voiceless:

Adoption Policy

Little Lion conducts facetime meet-and-greets too. :)

The process of adoption is time-consuming, but it’s worth the time invested. The outcome is a win-win for everyone. Here is generally what you can expect in the adoption process:

1. Questionnaire
2. Interview / Chat
3. Meet & Greet
4. Adoption Contract

Our adoption area is within the state of Michigan.
No out-of-state adoptions due to constraints should pet need to be returned to Little Lion.
No out-of-country adoptions due to hindrances relative to Import and Export Regulations.

During the application process and routine screening,
Little Lion asks applicants to leave permission with veterinarian, for Little Lion to call about vetting history.
Renters needs to show lease agreement (including animal policy).
Show documentation that existing animal companion is up-to-date on rabies vaccination, and if applicable,
Show documentation that existing feline animal companion is tested for FIV & feLV.

We conduct our adoptions via a foster-to-adopt process. We try to adopt our rescues within a close radius to us so we can be there if the adopter needs us for any reason.

Please understand that your choice may not be the ideal match for your family or lifestyle: We reserve the right to deny any application, for any reason, without disclosure. A refusal does not represent any shortcoming of the applicant, but reflects our assessment that a particular pet would possibly not do well in the circumstances offered.Note: Applicant must be 18 years or older to adopt. All members of the family must be present in order to adopt. Little Lion wants to ensure that it’s a good fit for everyone! :)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets