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Our Mission

Four Paws is completely full and closed for feline intake. If you have a cat or kitten in need of a home please e-mail us photos and as many details as possible. We will try to network with other rescues both locally and across the state to find placement. We will contact you ONLY if we find placement. If you need TNR or feral cat assistance, please submit a request via e-mail with the location, county and specific numbers of cats involved. Our e-mail address is

Four Paws 2 Rescue is a non-profit, foster based rescue group dedicated to helping the stray and feral cat, and the dog population in Southwest Michigan

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting any of our animals, please send an e-mail to with the subject “Adoption Application Request.” We will send you an application. Once you return the application for review, we will get started with the screening process at which time someone will be calling you. All applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. Please be sure you meet the following requirements before you submit an application:

• All animals in the house are spayed and neutered.

• All animals in the house are up to date on vaccinations and vet care.

• Your potential adoptee will be INDOORS only. (unless otherwise specified in the bio)


Adoption Fees--Our adoption fees are $50 for adult cats, $85 for kittens and dogs start at $175-275 depending on age and what their medical care needs are. If an animal is senior or special needs, the adoption fee may vary slightly. We also give a d

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets