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Birds & Beaks Rescue and Rehab

23047 Michigan 78
Battle Creek , MI 49017

Our Mission

To provide suitable homes for as many of the unwanted/homeless parrot population as possible while providing the humans responsible for them the knowledge, training and advice to properly care for them so that birds can live a comfortable, happy life without abuse or neglect.

Adoption Policy

1.) Submit an application online at Be as thorough as you can be! We will review it and email you back with an invitation to message us on Facebook.

2.) Come Like our Facebook Page.
It’s a great place to get all the up to date information about what’s going on with the rescue.

3) We'll do an interview with you on our Facebook Messenger.

4.) If everything checks out, the team will ask for a video tour of your home or for a home visit. After you send that, just two steps to go.

5.) You’ll be invited to the rescue. You will have an opportunity to meet and interact with all the birds. The adoptable bird you mesh with will be the bird you are approved for.

6.) If you and a bird choose each other, you'll be able to take your bird home that day. Your adoption fee and adoption papers will be signed that day.

We mentioned we check you out pretty thoroughly. This is because we want the birds we place to have the best possible shot of being with you in your home and in your life, for the rest of theirs. We try not to have hard and fast rules.

But there are a few:

1.) Smoking in your home is an immediate denial for adoption.

2.) You must live in your own home, not with friends, parents, etc.

3.) You must be over 21. We love kids, we do. But, the life changes that will be coming up are not good for a bird. Sorry.

4.) If there is any evidence of you flipping animals of any species – do not apply. Our low adoption fees attract flippers. Our HIGHLY ENFORCED must return contract will land you in hot water if you try to sell an adopted bird from here.

5.) Macaws, cockatoos and apartments do not jive. Any bird who is known to vocalize loudly cannot be adopted into an apartment. You’ll just end up returning the bird, and it’s best to skip that, for the sake of the bird.

6.) Birds cannot be purchased as a gift. The person who will be the caregiver and owner of the bird is the person who needs to be approved. Birds are not gifts. They are a lot of work. The person who will be responsible for them needs to be making the commitment themselves.


Check our website for the most updated fees, and usually adoption fees are listed for each bird on Petfinder.


Adoption fees are non-refundable.

Should the bird not work out, you can transfer that adoption fee one time to a different bird here at the rescue, providing its not for a reason like: I’m bored, I got bit, or “gosh, birds are loud.”

If the second bird doesn’t work out – no offense to you, but its not the bird that is the problem.

Your adoption fee is then converted to a donation to the rescue, which you can then request a receipt for, that can be used for your taxes.

After adoption (or any time after you take the bird home), if the bird ever needs to be rehomed for any reason, the bird must come back to the rescue. This is in the contract, and is strictly enforced. You must surrender the bird back to the rescue.

We can’t protect ALL the birds, just the ones that come through these doors. You may not sell, give away or otherwise lose possession of the bird unless it is directly to Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab. That is for the life of the bird.


Shannon is nothing if not blunt. If you weren’t approved – ask her why. She will be very honest with you.

Common Reasons for Disapproval:

*Other birds for sale on the internet now or in the past
*Evidence of breeding
*Too many birds/animals in home
*Your in the DNA (Do Not Adopt) Michigan Database for Rescue
*You smoke in your home
*You didn’t follow the process to get approved

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