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All Species Kinship (A.S.K.)

P.O. Box 4055
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Our Mission

A.S.K. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) animal protection organization operating direct-outreach services to ALL species, in Michigan.

A.S.K. is not a traditional rescue or shelter. A.S.K. operates direct-outreach services whereupon 99% of the animals found and assisted are due to A.S.K. seeking them out, street by street. Animals that are rescued come from neglect situations; all dogs rescued were formerly victims of 24/7 outside life. All animals are rehabilitated, socialized, neutered/spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations.

A.S.K. helps all species. Learn more at,

Adoption Policy

Do NOT inquire if your existing dogs or cats are not spayed/neutered, vaccinated or on preventatives.

A.S.K.'s rescued animals are in private foster homes where they have dedicated one-on-one care. This is great news for potential adopters! Our foster homes get to know our rescued companions thoroughly; this allows us to match you with a lifelong companion that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Steps to Meeting an Animal

1. Please Facebook message for fastest reply or call 269-967-6607 and express interest in a given animal

2. We will either conduct a conversational interview or send you our inquiry forms via email.

3. Completion of forms does not guarantee a meet up. We will select adopters to meet animals based on behavior matches.

4. All dogs and cats in your household must be fixed to adopt from A.S.K.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets