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Our Mission

Hi, I’m Charlie.

This dog rescue organization is named after me.
My sister and I were in cages, sleeping on a cold concrete floor and getting lousy food. It was crowded, dirty, very scary and they had to make room because more dogs were coming.
If we hadn’t been rescued, things would not have ended well for us.
Some of my friends are in the same terrible situation and they need help.
Will you help me save my friends?
Let’s make sure they all get a new life in a warm and loving home.

Save a life. Adopt one of my friends.

Adoption Policy

Our Goal
We do all we can to ensure that the dog and its new family are well matched. We want you to be happy with your new dog and of course we want your new dog to be happy and have a great life.

Our adoption process may seem like a bit much but we feel it is necessary to achieve our goal.

The Adoption Process - What to Expect
After reading our Adoption Policy, Please fill out our Adoption Application.

We will contact you to schedule a home visit by one of our volunteers. This is just to ensure that the dog will not be in a dangerous situation. It is also a great time for you to get all your questions answered.

Please call your veterinarian and authorize them to release information about your pets to Rescue Charlie’s Friends.

Here is the type of information we will be looking for:

If you have any pets now (or in the past) do you keep them up to date on their vaccinations?
We require that all your dogs and cats (including both indoor and outdoor cats) or any other pets living in your household are up to date on their vaccinations and get an annual exam.
We require that all dogs living in the household be spayed or neutered (unless your veterinarian has a medical reason why this should not be done).
Do they appear to be well cared for and free from abuse or neglect.

Know the Rules
If you are renting, you may need to get approval from your Landlord to bring a new pet into your home.

Please make sure that your town, homeowner’s association, homeowners insurance or landlord don’t have any restrictions that might interfere with the adoption.

Then What?
Once these steps are completed satisfactorily, you will be notified when you have been approved for adoption!

When do I get my Dog?
All dogs received from out of state are quarantined for at least five days (or 48 hours, depending on age) before you receive them. This is to make sure that they are free from disease and it is also required by State law.

Once you have been approved, the fee has been paid and the quarantine period has passed, we will contact you and give you your new dog. You will be asked to sign our Adoption Contract.

This is our favorite part – seeing the big smiles and happy faces on both dogs and their new owners.

Adoption Application
What is the Adoption Fee?
Our adoption fee is $450.00. Yes, this seems like a lot but if there is a little left over, it goes toward the huge, unexpected veterinary expenses that come up all too often.

Remember, this is a not-for-profit organization composed of volunteers, none of whom are paid.

Expenses not covered by the fee come out of our personal pockets. That’s why donations are always welcome!

What does the Fee Cover?
Here is what the fee covers:

Veterinary fees to get the dog approved for interstate transport (if applicable), including any necessary treatment for possible health issues.
Transportation from wherever the dog is located to Maine.
Vaccinations including Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella
De-Worming, if needed
Flea and Tick preventative (Frontline/Advantage)
Heartworm preventative
Adoption Fee
We ask that as soon as possible, your new dog meets all members of your household, including other pets, to ensure that any conflicts are recognized early so adjustments can be made.

Please see our Resources page for tips on introducing a new dog to your household.

What if Things Don't Work Out?
If for any reason, your new dog is not a good match, we ask that it be returned to us for placement in another home. We will arrange to meet with you to retrieve the dog and we will work to place the dog in another home.

If we are notified within 14 days after you receive your dog that the dog is not a good fit in your home and you want the dog to leave, we will refund your Adoption Fee in full.

Please do not surrender the dog to a shelter, sell or give it to someone else or advertise it, such as on Craigslist.

Remember that the Adoption Contract requires that the dog be returned to Rescue Charlie’s Friends if for whatever reason, you do not want to keep it.

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