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Our Mission

The Green Ark is a non profit eco-friendly rescue group dedicated to saving the lives of animals in danger of euthanasia in high kill shelters. Founded in Portland, Maine, we are run by dedicated volunteers and funded by your donations.

Maine license F1551S.

Adoption Policy


Step 1 - Complete an Application
The very first thing you need to do if you are interested in adopting through The Green Ark is submit an application. Whether you are interested in a specific pet or you want to get pre-approved for when that perfect puppy comes along... the application gets you started. You can complete an application here. During the application process, we will:
Call you to talk about what you are looking for, what your home environment is like, etc.
Call your landlord (if applicable) to verify you have permission to have a pet in your home
Call your vet (if applicable) to ensure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and in good health
Call your personal reference to verify your character and personal history with animals
Complete a Home Visit, where an Ark volunteer visits your home to ensure you can provide a safe and healthy environment for you new fur baby
Step 2 - Meet & Greet
If you haven't met the pet that caught your eye yet, we can schedule a meet & greet. We can do this in a public place like a pet store, in a foster's home, or, preferably, in your home. We can even arrange for a trial overnight if desired.
Step 3 - Deposit
This can come at any point in the adoption process, but we do require a deposit (typically $100) to take a pet "off the market." Until a deposit is secured, any pet is available for adoption and we will continue to process applications as they come in. Please note, our deposit is fully refundable, transferable to another pet, and applies to your adoption fee. If you are interested in making a deposit, you can do so here.
Step 4 - Finalize
Last, we finalize the adoption.
You will be required to sign a contract assuming liability for your new furry family member
You will be supplied with your pet's medical records
You will be required to pay your adoption fee (or the remainder of, if you placed a deposit)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets