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The Pixel Fund

PO Box 653
Gorham, ME 04038

Our Mission

The Pixel Fund is a division of Pixel’s Posse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue group located in Maine, Georgia, and Florida. Our organization is completely volunteer run and funded through adoption fees, donations, special events, and corporate sponsorships. Our mission is to save the lives of shelter animals through education, advocacy, and coordination of rescue efforts.

The current location of each animal is listed in their description (Gorham, ME is our official corporate address). Please note: a Petfinder inquiry does not replace a submission of an adoption application.  Please go to to fill out your adoption application.

Adoption Policy

Completing an application is the first step toward adoption. If you haven't found the right Pixel Pup for your home yet, completing an application now will allow you to be pre-approved once that special pet comes along. We do not charge an application fee and you are able to withdraw your app at any time if you do not find the right match.

To process an application, we review the information provided thoroughly. We'll email or call you to schedule an in-person or virtual home visit and we verify your information with your veterinarian (if you have pets). If you rent, we'll confirm with your landlord that you are legally allowed to have pets (and find out if there are any pet restrictions). Also, we may email or call you to discuss your information and have a dialog about your wants and expectations for a furry friend and to clear up any missing information or questions we might have.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets