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PurrHaven Inc.

P.O Box 17
Rohrersville, MD 21779

Our Mission

Our primary program is trap-neuter-return-manage to help the owner/caregiver humanely end overpopulation from rampant breeding. We focus on assisting residents in Washington County Maryland who feed large colonies of outdoor breeding cats. We also will remove friendly kittens from the owners site with their permission to find the perfect forever home for them. PurrHaven, Inc. is a nonprofit run by a network of volunteers and supported through private grants and donations.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption services includes:

Step 1. An application which we will email to you

Step 2. Reference checking and review of your application.

Step 3. A visit to your home so you can meet the kitty

Step 4. An adoption agreement to be signed if you are approved

Step 5. We also bring food that the kitty has been eating (enough canned to get ou started for one week)

Step 6. You will be given all medical records and contact information for the veterinarian.

We hope you do not find these steps in the a process cumbersome. They are designed to help us select a home that will provide the best long term committment and environment for the cat.

As a general rule of thumb we bring the cat to your home for the initial visit after your application has been approved. Past experience has shown us that the initial meeting works better this way and you can see how the cat may react in your home.

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