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Our Mission

LOVEPAWS was founded as an animal intake prevention program to help keep pets in their homes and out of shelters. We accomplish this by offering various types of assistance to pet owners such as food from our pet food pantry, training resources, subsidized medical care and other resources so that owners who wish to keep their beloved pets are not forced to surrender them to the shelter. We primarily service the low-income areas of Prince George's County. MD but we service the entire DC area.

Prince George's County has had a pit bull ban in place since 1996. It is the second largest area in the nation with a pit bull ban in place. To combat the effects of the ban on innocent, loving, family pets that were unfortunate enough to be born the wrong breed in a county with BSL, we also work with other rescues to pull pit bulls from the shelter and we help place them into adoptive homes outside the county. The shelter is forced to euthanize pit bulls just to make room for more that come in as strays or that are seized from oftentimes loving owners. We are fighting to repeal the ban as so many other states, cities and counties across the nation have been doing because we know that BSL unfairly targets breeds when laws need to be created instead to target dangerous animals, regardless of breed and based on facts.

Adoption Policy

Our volunteers work as fast as they can to process adoption applications. Upon receiving your application, we will email you an introductory email outlining the steps involved in the app review process and what we we need from you to keep the process moving. We conduct vet checks, reference checks, landlord checks, real estate checks and judiciary checks on all apps before we schedule meet and greets between applicants and our foster dogs. Once an application is approved, the meet and greet is arranged and you and the foster family decide whether the dog is a good fit for your family and home environment.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets