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The Hero Rescue, Incorporated

Jarrettsville, MD

Our Mission

The Hero Rescue is formed by a network of volunteers and fosters committed to saving lives of animals at risk of euthanasia. By relocating animals from over crowded shelters to Maryland for adequate veterinary care, castration, emotional rehabilitation and eventually adoption, we will make a difference in the lives of animals as well as in the local communities we serve .

Adoption Policy

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Click on the link below for our up to date list of available dogs and cats!

Adoption Fees

Puppies up to Six Months Old- $400 Plus a refundable $100 Spay/Neuter Deposit ($500 total due at adoption)
Dogs Six Months and Up - $300
Adult Cats - $50
Kittens - $75 Plus a refundable $75 Spay/Neuter
Adoption process
1. Review our adoption contract and application.

2. Call your vet and references to inform them that a rescue representative will be calling.

3. Complete adoption application and submit following appropriate link below:



4. You will be notified of outcome of your application within 1-2 days.

5. If approved, you will be introduced to the foster to schedule a meeting within 5 days. Guidelines for the meeting are:

- Bring a leash and collar and be prepared to take the animal home directly from the meeting.

- Meeting should be no longer than 1 hour. Our fosters are volunteers and we value and respect their time and personal commitments.

- All members of the household (including other dogs) must be present.

- Please be prepared to submit adoption fee via Text Link (Credit Card) sent to your cell phone at the meeting – We do not accept payments prior to the meeting.

- If all goes well, the dog will go home with you directly after the meeting. If you are not ready to adopt at the conclusion of the meeting, please understand that we may process other applications for the dog. Because we have a limited amount of foster homes, we cannot hold dogs past adoption.

6. Please review these resources prior to the meeting to be prepared with what to expect when bringing a new dog home:

a. ttps://


7. Love on your new family member and join our Alumni Group! We love seeing updates on the happy endings to your story.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets