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Basset Hound Rescue League

PO Box 44201
Fort Washington, MD 20749

Adoption Policy

*We prefer homeowners (town homes, short-term rentals, roommate situations, condos, and apartments are often not approved)

*Dog should not be left alone for 7+ hours a work day without access to the backyard (e.g. doggy door or a dog walker or a neighbor that can walk the dog)

*The dog will sleep indoors at night

*A fenced yard is required for hound breeds

*Swimming pools must be fenced in

*Children eight years or older are preferred (specifically Basset Hounds -- as dogs get older they often do not get along with very young children and this is the #1 reason that dogs are given up to us)

*Stairs need to be blocked off for short legged breeds to prevent back injuries

The above requirements are especially enforced with Basset Hounds, however, exceptions can be made for other breeds.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets